About Us



Dia Foundation was founded in July 2013. At Dia, we carry out numerous activities focusing on empowering the individuals and families in our local communities. We carry the entrepreneurial grit and energy into our altruistic efforts in order to make our world a happier place to live in.

Meet our Founders:

about-img Bansini Doshi is a senior at University of Southern California. As a social entrepreneur,  she’s worked with Spandan, JewelRead and more to effect a direct influence to her local community in Mumbai and California. When she isn’t busy studying, she can be seen at the drawing board or flipping through books for her next big idea. You can reach her at bansini@dia-foundation.com

Jaiv Doshi is a junior at the Pacific Ridge School. His primary interests are in learning science and technology. Along with his sister, he has worked with Dia Foundation to effect change in their local community. Whether tinkering with technology the whole day or reading a book, Jaiv is constantly engaged in intellectual pursuits. He was awarded the first prize for the science project in his school for 2 years in row and was engaged with his team for the First Tech Challenge competition. Alongside science and technology, Jaiv has loved performance arts and has held a lead role in many school productions. You can reach him at JaivDoshi@gmail.com

Dia Foundation is a not-for-profit organization registered with the state of California. 100% of all donations go to charity directly reaching the recipients.